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Walking in the red, beautiful "Woodward's" building in Vancouver, we saw imported Witloof from Europe, poor quality and $4 per lbs. We thought this could be improved on. This was 1978. Discouraged by neighbours and well-meaning farmers ("this has been tried before"), Ria van Eekelen, coming from a long line of farming families but educated as home-economic teacher, started with 1 Ha. (2.5 acres) field crop in 1979 in Pitt Meadows and forced this root crop later in the year in-doors. The marketing of the indoor forced product started rather well and a highlight was 500 lbs. to Calgary, transported by "Le Car", which steered lightly towards the airport for delivery by plane. The growing was difficult in Pitt Meadows as there was no room for crop rotation and the soil was poor for root crops. In 1981 Van Eekelen Enterprises purchased land in Sumas Prairie, Abbotsford, formerly known as Sumas Lake but drained 1927. Located between 2 majestic mountain ranges which create a fine microclimate, sandy soils that proved to be excellent for the crops, and an abundance of irrigation water, VEE has made this place their permanent home. Now many years later with a fine-tuning in growing...

Beliefs & Practices

::  crop rotation, field planning and weed-free lands
::  preventing soil-and-wind erosion
::  clean waterways
::  environmental awareness

Modern Farming
::  crop rotation
::  informed decisions
::  common sense
::  staying up to date with current and future technologies
::  clean and professional farm
::  supply healthy working environment for all employees

Take care of the land and it will take care of you!


:: Environmental Farm Plan

Canada GAP Food Safety for Fruits and Vegetables

Other Vegetables & Grain

Van Eekelen Enterprises places high emphasis on crop rotation to minimize the use of plant protectors and to achieve healthy crops. Utilized in this rotation is manure and mushroom compost, full of nutrients and enhancing the microbiological activity in the soil.  The rotation also enables the use of mechanical weed control.  All these measures contribute to farm sustainability.

Four different plant families, listed below, are grown; all four giving different farm growing tools.

::  Composites - Witloof

::  Legumes - peas and beans
These crops are grown for the cannery for frozen foods

::  Cruciferae - cole crops
Grown for the cannery as part of a vegetable mix in frozen foods.


::  Cereals - Corn, Wheat, Barley & Rye
Very good rotation crop, barley and rye varieties are weed suppressing. Corn gives a high biomass back into the soil as organic matter enhancement.  The straw is used as cover applied on bare land in the fall to prevent wind erosion.



::  crop rotation

::  trees as windbreak

::  straw as erosion control

::  ditch maintenance

::  weed control


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